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Every single one of our clients have achieved page one, position one in Google for their main keyword as well as ranking on page one for 3 to 4 other related terms

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Free £297 SEO Audit
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Who Are We?

We are an established digital marketing company that has been in business on the internet since 2005 with more than 15 years collective experience.

What Do We Do?

Our expertise is ranking websites for keyphrases or as it is more commonly known SEO. We do it well, we do it ethically, in line with Google guidelines and without any risk to you.

Why Choose Us?

We don’t  just talk the talk. Every single one of our clients have achieved position one in Google and other search engines for their desired keywords.

What Will It Cost?

It depends on what keyword you want to rank for, but don’t be put off by the stigma attached to SEO. Contact us and lets chat about what you want to achieve.

Free £297 SEO Audit
  • Name*full name here
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  • Your Website*The Site You Want Us To Audit
  • Keyword Target*What Keyword Are You Trying To Rank For?
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More Reasons To Choose Our Services

We have over 15 year’s collective experience in the digital marketing arena. We were ranking websites back when adding meta keywords still worked.

We were also early pioneers of utilizing the alt image description and image renaming.

We won’t use out of date and spammy techniques that are on the verge of being banned by search engines to get your site ranked, it doesn’t work.

We don’t believe in trying to fool search engines because from our own testing we know these glib theories never work in the long run.

We do not and never will outsource any link building overseas. We take full control of all of our SEO clients here in the UK and monitor everything to ensure full control at all times.

We wouldn’t compromise our own websites so why would we do it to yours.

We live and breathe SEO. We attend webinars, seminars, discussions, meetings all the time regarding anything SEO.

We stay right on top of developments in search engine changes so we become pro-active as well as re-active.

We get your site right first. Many SEO companies just get straight into a bad linking strategy which isn’t tailored to anyone.

We follow the principle that if the house is on a firm foundation from the off it’s not going to fall over – ever.

We guarantee our service to you because we know your business can depend on our results. If your site drops out of the first page for some reason then we will not charge you until its back.

It’s very unlikely but it’s a fail-safe.

Recent clients sitting at number one in Google

No two websites or desired ranking keywords are the same. So, until we are able to perform an audit of your website and your competition we aren’t able to provide you with an exact price. However, we do have packages that are affordable for everyone from small family based businesses with a low budget to enterprise level corporations who need to compete for competitive keywords globally. Regardless of pricing, rest assured that you’ll know the full cost upfront and that the rate we quote you will be rate you pay without any extra charges or fees
We are based here in the UK. We have 2 offices  which have been there since around 2005. The first is in St Albans near London and the second is situated in Abingdon, near Oxford.
We will employ a series of specialist analysis tools that we will apply to your site to find out why it is not ranking. In 99.9% of cases this will highlight some sort of unique “roadblock”. Once we have identifed the problem we will then immediately put in place a plan to overcome it.
We ask that you give us 10 weeks to deliver results and 95% of our customers experience results within that time scale. There are sometimes cases where for one reason or another a site takes longer than 10 weeks to rank but this is unlikely to be the case for your business.

Yes we do. Many SEO companies do not, mainly due to the dated and unethical ways they try and get your site ranked. We aim to get your site ranked within 10 weeks. If however you are not on page one in 3 months you will not pay another penny until we get you there – AND THAT’S GUARANTEED!

Meat the team behind the success

derek armson seo

Derek Armson

Co-Founder of DMO

Derek is an expert in SEO and has been successful in many business ventures including running his own company prior to branching out into the digital world 7 years ago. Linkedin Profile

alison peake seo

Alison Peake

Content Management

Alison has extensive experience in content creation and is a qualified editor. With many publications to her name she also has an extensive family history of writing well known romance novels.

lee brooker seo

Lee Brooker

Co-Founder DMO

Lee has been marketing online since 2004. His skill set includes PPC, SEO and website design with a strong focus on lead funnel automation and development. Linkedin Profile

becky seo

Becky Wark

Design & Development

Becky is a specialist in digital research and on-page content strategy. She is also expert in design using Photoshop and Illustrator as well as web development.

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